Eurotec Systems provides all the essential hardware and attachments to make your project clip together in a snap.


Pedestals for all kinds of wood or composite decking or stone pavers. The pedestals can be combined with any kind of joist (pt. wood, aluminum, steel).

Different aluminum joists for residential (Eco) or commercial (EVO, HKP) application for different spans and load requirements.

With the aluminum joist, we carry special clips and screws for wood or composite decking or stone pavers.

Everything can be combined with each other or just used by itself without the other components. A very flexible and affordable substructure for any deck or paver system.

• In contrast to wood substructures, the profile is dimensionally stable. There are no faults, cracks, etc. caused by the weather, as with wood when used as a building material.

• The system profile is always straight. In contrast, substructure woods may be curved lengthways and for this reason, often have to be stiffened crosswise to enable a straight line of screws.

• Because of the profile‘s special shape, deck coverings can be screwed both directly and indirectly. With direct screwing, the offset web ensures that the screw has room to move without shearing off.

• The system profile can, of course, be supported directly with Rolfi deck spacers.
— Manufacturer